The Lean Gain Training Program

The 5-day/week Training Program that put 40+ pounds of muscle on my frame and transformed hundreds of people, including my dad (Yes, I made my dad do this. It's that good.)

I probably shouldn't give this away for free, but fuck it.

In my experience, people don't value what they're given for free. As a fitness coach trying to give my close friends training and nutrition tips, it often falls on deaf ears... because they're not investing in themselves.


However, I'm giving this away for free because I know at least ONE person out of the thousands that download this... will actually DO THE WORK, and transform. And that's why I do what I do... to facilite transformation, no matter what.


👉 Will you be that person?


After implementing this program, you will (1) gain muscle in ways you never have, and (2) lose fat the right way (assuming you're eating in a caloric deficit as well). 

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